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Speed Tip: Number 4

by Toby Somerville on January 20th, 2011

This is probably the most important speech tip off them all as it can have the greatest effect on page load speed.

Reduce the number of files in a page.

Once the HTML of a web page is downloaded is load all the various files that are included within the page. These include the CSS, JavaScript and to any other media, such as images, Flash files, video, audio etc. You might expect that all these files would be downloaded simultaneously. Unfortunately this is not the case. For instance you are running Internet Explorer 6, you are limited to downloading only two files simultaneously (from the same domain). This means that, in a page containing four files, the last two files cannot begin to download until the first two files have completed downloading. This obviously increases the length of time the user has to wait for the page to appear.

In upcoming posts we will look at various ways to reduce the number off files within a web page.

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